Violent Silence albums can be bought at:
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Beyond Rock (Netherlands)
Caerllyssi Music (UK)
Camelot Club (Italy)
CD Europe (US)
CD Total (Spain)
CD Universe (US)
Cosmos Music (France)
Empire Music (Germany)
Eventyr Records (Italy)
Freeson Rock (Canada)
Garden Shed (Japan)
Gemm (International)
GFT-Cyclops (UK)
Impelco (US)
Ipso Facto (Canada)
Just for Kicks (Germany)
Kinesis (US)
Lion Metal Shop (Germany)
Lion Music (Finland)
M&M Music (US)
Marquee (Japan)
Megastore (Sweden)
Mellotronen (Sweden)
Mindawn (US)
Missing Piece (Sweden)
Musea Records
Musicstack (International)
Netsounds Music (International)
Of Sound Mind (US)

ProgFactory (Switzerland)
Proggies (Switzerland)
Progressive Waves (France)
Progress Records (Sweden) (Norway)
ProgRock Records (US)
Progwalhalla (Netherlands)
Record Heaven (Sweden)
Rockhouse (Netherlands)
Rock Symphony (Brazil)
Shop 33 (France)
Sonic Bond (UK)
Sweden Rock Shop (Sweden)
Syn-phonic (US)