A Broken Truce
to be released late july 2013

[Jul 17th] Greetings! The new Violent Silence album is called A Broken Truce and will be released in late july 2013. A shortened version of the opening track, Prism Path, can be found here:

Summer recordings for the new album

[May 12th] After some months of roadbumps (as usual) we are finally gathering some speed again! Martin Ahlquist is the name of the new Violent Silence singer and frontman and he is preparing to enter the studio in mid june to record the first handful of new tracks. Watch out for some very dynamic, powerful and emotionally charged vocals!

Bass is handled by Malmö-based virtuoso Anders Lindskog who is dancing around impossible-to-play-parts like they were nothing. Johan's drum tracks are firmly in place already, as is the keyboard contributions by Hannes and Björn. Mixing of some of the recorded tracks are set for late august. The band hopes for a fall release of the third album, with more music to follow in 2013-2014!

The band also unveiled their new Facebook page recently, where you can find some additional info:

Violent Silence at Facebook:

Drum tracks are being recorded

[Jul 18th] Drums for the new Violent Silence songs are being tracked this week! Employing the expert talents of Lawrence Mackrory and Teddy Möller, Johan sweats it out in Blueflame Productions Studios in the Uppsala countryside. So far two songs, which are both relatively mellow mini-epics, are completely done. The bigger part of monday the 18th will go to the recording of the most complex piece the band has ever recorded - a 16 minute shapeshifting monster which is very hard to play. More updates coming soon.

New material to be recorded in 2011

[May 10th] Finally some big news. Studio time has been booked for summer/autumn 2011 with a revamped Violent SIlence line-up. According to the band the material is "very strong and very complex". In addition, Progarchives have just published a new interview with Johan where you can get some additional info on the bands heightened activity. Read the Progarchives interview here.

More news will be available soon.

Brand new interview with Johan online

[Jul 25th] In response to the not so small amount of e-mails coming in questioning about the state of the band we thought it would be time to at least give people some kind of update of what´s going on. French E-zine Progressive area has recently published a brand new interview with Johan where he talks about the current state and future of Violent Silence. Read the Interview here.

Major announcement coming up
[Aug 29th] Apart from the great reception the band received from its appearance at the Uppsala Progressive Rock Festival, the last few months have been the roughest ever in the bands history for various reasons. The repercussions of this are at the time of writing very unclear but as soon as the smoke settles we will post some new info here.

The songs played (in order) at the Uppsala Progressive Rock Festival were:
1. Kinetic
2. Dead Cities
3. Sky Burial
4. Shoot It In The Head
5. Torrential Rains
6. Quiet Stalker

The band wants to thank the fantastic crowd, the other bands and the organizers of the event.

Uppsala Progressive Rock Festival Update
[Jul 20th] As previously mentioned on these pages, Violent Silence will play Uppsala Progressive Rock Festival on the 11th of August. The band will be onstage at approximately 17.00 in the afternoon. Other acts appearing at the event are Flying Food Circus, Tomas Bodin/Jocke JJ Marsh Band and Manticore.

The band will also make a sneak appearance today (!) at the Dungen Rox Festival in Skövde, Sweden. Some info on that can be found on our myspace blog.

The whole first album on Aural Moon tonight

[May 21st] Tonight the entire first Violent Silence album will be played on The Rickter Scale on the Aural Moon radio station.
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Live song uploaded
[Apr 30th] A version of "The Way Of The Exploding Fist" live at Tantogården is now available. The sound quality is not perfect, but we feel it does communicate the feeling and energy of the show. We think you´ll dig it.

Live news, new Violent Silence music and livetracks update
[Apr 11th] Violent Silence is now in writing mode for the next album which, if all goes well, will be recorded sometime later in the year. More info about the new material will be posted here in the future.

The band has also been approached by the nice people of Artrockföreningen Crimson to play the Uppsala Progressive Rock Festival on the 11th of August alongside the following acts:

· Tomas Bodin

· Flying Food Circus
· Manticore

The festival will commemorate Artrockföreningen Crimsons 15th anniversary! More info (in Swedish) about the festival can be found here. (Scroll down the page to see it.)

The previously mentioned liverecordings from Tantogården have now been located and some of it will be available for listening on either this site or the Violent Silence Myspace page very soon!

Kinetic on Aural Moon Radio
[Feb 9th] This Sunday at 8-11 PM (EST), Kinetic will be played in it´s entirety on the American radio station Aural Moon along with some new info about Violent Silence! The program, which is called Rickter Scale, is also reprised on Monday 7-10 PM (Swedish time). Rumour has it that someone in the band might be checking into the stations forum :) More info can be found here.

Bruno sings on the new Cross album!
[Jan 29th] Bruno has been laying down some backing vocals on the new Cross album which is scheduled to be released later in the spring. Bruno says he´s "stoked to be considered for this". More info on the Cross website.

Violent Silence wants to thank Beardfish, Sonic Circus and especially the great crowd at Tantogården for making the concert such a great experience.
We will be back! Word also has it that there are both some pictures and a bootleg recording of the show. If this info proves to be correct, we´ll post some of it here as soon as possible.

Stockholm visit december 1st!
[Nov 2nd] Violent Silence, Beardfish and Soniq Circus (formerly Tp3) will play a gig at Tantogården in Stockholm on friday the 1st of december. Entrance fee is just 60 SEK. See you there!

Whacky live pictures
[Nov 1st] Some strange, hallucinogenic livepictures from Verkstan, courtesy of the great Lars Bertilsson, has been posted on the Audio/Visual page. Warning: should not be looked at when drunk or after having eaten strange looking mushrooms.

Gig in Stockholm
[Sep 22nd] Violent Silence are booked to play Tantogården in Stockholm in the  beginning of december. Watch this space for more details which will come soon. Also coming up is some fresh live pictures from the gig at Verkstan.

Gig in Uppsala
[Sep 12th] This saturday Violent Silence will play a gig at Verkstan in Uppsala, located close by the railway station. The concert begins at 13.00 in the afternoon and continues into the evening. There will be several bands playing and Violent Silence will close the event. Timetables are tentative but the band will probably be onstage somewhere around 21.00.

New Violent Silence interview in both Italian and English
[Aug 25th] Italian site Rock Impressions has just put up a new interview with Johan. The interview was conducted by Giancarlo Bolther who asks questions about the making of Kinetic, the bands creative process and the meaning of the lyrics. There are two published versions of the same interview - one in Italian and one in English

Violent Silence todays featured artist
[Aug 7th] Violent Silence is todays featured artist on Progpositivity Radio! In other news: another spanish review of Kinetic can be found here.

Also the band wishes to thank the organizers of the Dungen Rox Festival for the insanely great time!

Violent Silence performs at Dungen Rox Festival
[Jul 6th] It is now confirmed that Violent Silence will play the Dungen Rox Festival in Skövde (Sweden) on the 28-30 july. The band will be onstage at approximately 21.00. See you there!

Songs available at
[Jun 30th] Four Violent Silence tracks are now available at

VS Powerplay
[Jun 5th] The new issue of Powerplay Magazine contains a free CD with one Violent Silence track.
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Magazine meltdown
[May 12th] The latest issue of Belgian magazine Prog-Resisté has just been released and contains both a review of Kinetic and an interview with the band.
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German magazine Eclipsed also reviews Kinetic in the latest issue and includes an edited 15-minute version of Quiet Stalker on the accompanying CD.
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Fun gig att Klubb KOM
[Apr 27th] The gig at Klubb KOM was fun and the band wants to thank the promotors and the new friends we made in the audience for making it a memorable experience.

The bands set list for the night was:

1. Subzero
2. The Way Of The Exploding Fist
3. Sky Burial
4. Torrential Rains
5. Squeal Point
6. Quiet Stalker
7. Tunnel Vision
8. Grey Fluid Earth

Violent Silence plays at Klubb KOM
[Apr 19th] On April 21st, Violent Silence will play at Klubb KOM at Klara Hall in Enköping, Sweden.
The band will be onstage at 22.00.

Review update:
[Apr 19th] Patrick Robinet has just reviewed Kinetic for French fanzine Koid 9 and his own site Valedictory. But that´s not all - the album has been on his personal top 5 playing list ever since it was released! Read the review (in French) here.
Violent Silence have also been included in Progarchives, a large internet database for progressive and related music

New review: 9/10 for Kinetic at Imhotep
[Mar 21st] "I wasn't too eager to put on this album after reading the promo sheet following this cd. I'm so happy I did, and I'm so happy I heard them over and over and over again, because this has grown into one of the best prog-rock albums I've heard in quite some time!"
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New review at Progwereld
[Feb 27th] Another very fine dutch review of Kinetic is now online at Progwereld.
For more reviews please visit the link page.

Violent Silence on Radio:
[Feb 22nd] There are several radio stations out there where you can request Violent Silence music. Go there to support both the band and the individual stations! Our newest friends are:
Prog Palace Radio
Progulus Radio

Not forgetting:
Delicious Agony

The Dividing Line
EMS Wechte Welle
Forbidden Planet
Symfo City

More reviews of Kinetic
[Feb 3rd] Two new Kinetic reviews online! Check them out on: Dutch Progressive Rock Page and Manticornio.
Also, make sure you dont miss reviewer Alfredo Tapia Carretos list of his 100 all time favourite records! Amazing!

Violent Silence plans live shows
[Feb 2nd] Violent Silence are in rehearsal for some live shows, watch this space!

Sea of Tranquility reviews Kinetic:
[Jan 25th] "I would definitely recommend this disc to SOT listeners and if Kinetic doesn't yield the band some major attention and give them a major push to the forefront of progressive music, then I would be very surprised, not to mention disappointed."
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New reviews added
[Jan 13th] New reviews of Kinetic added. See link page for further details.

First review of Kinetic
[Dec 12th] The swiss progressive rock portal declares Kinetic album of the month. (The review is published in german only).
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Kinetic released
[Nov 25th] The new Violent Silence album, Kinetic, is now released.

New website

[Nov 24th] The Violent Silence website has been completely overhauled, though we may still add some new features.
The site is best viewed in 1024x768 or higher. If you can´t see the main menu at the bottom, please adjust your screen resolution in the Control panel.
Hope you appreciate the changes!

"Torrential Rains" available for download
[Nov 14th] The brand new track "Torrential Rains" from Violent Silence forthcoming album is now available for download (unmastered version). The new album, Kinetic, is set for release on nov 25th.

Kinetic released on nov 25th
[Nov 6th] The new Violent Silence album Kinetic is now mastered and done and will be available in the shops on november 25. It has been mastered by Hansi Cross and Claes Persson at Progress studio and CRP Recording.
The band will make the brand new track "Torrential Rains" available on the website sometime next week as a preview for the album! More info about the new songs and sounds will be available soon on the site.

Violent Silence signs with Progress Records
[Oct 6th] Violent Silence have just secured a record deal with Progress Records for the new album. The follow up to the self-titled debut album will be called Kinetic and a release is set for november 2005. Expect the record to be a huge sounding slab of dark, edgy and experimental prog-thrash-electronica with some twists. Watch this space for further details (coming soon).

New interview with Mexican webzine
[Oct 6th] A new interview conducted by Alfredo Tapia Carreto has just been published on the Manticornio website. Johan answers questions about the new album, some of the bands musical influences and tells the peculiar story behind the cover of the debut album. The interview is published in spanish only.
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New interview
[Sep 7th] A brand new Violent Silence interview conducted by Sergio Vilar has just been published on the Argentinian website Nucleus. Check it out!
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Violent Silence plays at Slottsskogen goes Progressive
[Aug 10th] On August 13th, Violent Silence will play at the Slottsskogen Goes Progressive festival in Gothenburg, along with: A.C.T. (Sweden), Ricocher (Netherlands) and Magic pie (Norway).